Jenny Jo Story

Wear the Solution

♥ History of Jenny Jo Clothing ♥

“…it all started with a shrunken sweater”!


In 2007, before my daughter Flora was born, I made her an adorable little sweater dress from a shrunken sweater. It was so much fun that I made another one, then another, and soon I had requests from friends and my little business was born only months after my daughter was.

Each of the sweaters I found had a personality, and I could see the potential of each one’s next life just waiting for me to transform it.

The following year I began getting requests for summer skirts and baby outfits. It was suggested that I could use T-shirts…
…”hmmm, would anyone want something made from an old T-shirt?” …Yep!!!  That suggestion opened up an entire world of possibilities that I am still exploring today.

♥ Jenny Jo’s Vision ♥

Re-Made clothing of all kinds has become popular around the world. With instantly accessible DIY Re-Fashioning tutorials, books, patterns and the willingness to try, everyone can participate in this exciting Re-Use movement.

My Grandmother taught me how to sew as a child and I am so thankful! In her time Re-Use was an absolute necessity. Actually it still is… The challenge we all face is to look beyond the illusion that we can afford to “throw away” anything, and then actually do something about it!

Re-Use is one part of the solution to disposable living. I invite you to be part of the solution with me & experience the fun of making adorable, creative clothing… together!